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The Beginning of a New Spring

"I hear the passing echoes of winter

and feel the warming spring on my face."

-Terri Guillemets

How are you welcoming in the new Spring this year?

At Helms Garden Shop, we have plenty of lists and tasks to keep us busy in preparation of Spring.

Over the past month, we cleaned and reorganized the entire shop. Many new items arrived, including some of our most popular decor (Who doesn't love a colorful Spring flag to brighten up the yard?) Julie especially loves the garden bistro table set. Small and lightweight, a couple can enjoy an afternoon cup of tea at this table while appreciating the warm sunlight in the garden together.

For those who enjoy starting their garden from seed, we have three wonderful lines of seed available: Renee's Garden, Cornucopia, and Olds Seed. This year we added a new collection of Heirloom Tomato Seed; tomato lovers know that Heirloom varieties are the juiciest, most flavorful tomatoes. Complete your garden line-up with seed potatoes and onion sets, all available now at Helms Garden Shop.

Seed Potatoes and Onion Sets

One of the most exciting deliveries we received in March was the houseplant delivery! The inside of the Shop truly resembled a jungle until we found a happy place for all of the new arrivals. We now have Palms, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Peace Lilies, Aglaomenas, Scheffleras, and many more gorgeous plants available. If you don't have much luck with indoor plants, try a Sanseveria. These interesting succulents can tolerant low light levels, survive on little water, and are one of the best indoor plants for purifying the air. Rachel's favorite is the Philodendron Pertussum Splitleaf, also known as a Swiss Cheese Plant, or Monstera Deliciosa. Widely popular in graphic design for their unique pattern, the leaves of a Monstera can grow up to 3' long indoors.

Indoor Plants

We know that it's still too early for us in Zone 6 to plant our favorite flowers and vegetables in the garden, but a gardener can dream. Instead of bemoaning over the cold nights, gardeners can plan and prep for the coming days of spring and summer. Here's a special tip from Anita: "Now is an excellent time to clean out those garden beds! Also, trim back any Perennials that have died back over the Winter. When they are ready, those plants will regrow from the roots."


Check out our blog next week to learn of even more new arrivals and to get the latest pro tip from one of our staff members. Happy Gardening!

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