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New Growth

"My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes I made while learning to see things from the plant's point of view."

-H. Fred Dale

What we wonderful week we have had at Helms Garden Shop! The sunshine, rain, and humidity put a smile on each of our faces. Even the chilly weekend reminds us that patience is necessary for a fruitful garden. (Don't plant those warm-weather flowers and vegetables just yet!)

Last week, Anita advised us to clean out our garden beds and trim back perennials. Take a guess what we've been doing at the shop.... Cleaning! In the Fall, we always envelope our hardy trees and shrubs with a thick blanket of straw to protect them from the winter cold. In the Spring, it's time for us to remove that protective layer and sweep up any debris to ensure a good clean start to the year. Dead foliage and debris can harbor nasty diseases and insects, so it's very important to remove as much as possible. Once everything is cleaned out, we cut back the dead foliage on live plants so that they send out beautiful new growth. Not all shrubs, trees, and perennials are created equal, so be sure to know exactly what yours requires before you go lopping away. Call or message us to find out exactly what to do!

Here's an example of a Gypsophila (babies breath) that held on to it's dead blooms throughout the winter, and the new green growth below.

If take you cruise around Guymon within the next week or so, you may notice that some trees are beginning to bloom out. These are Aristocrat Pears, an ornamental pear that blooms early and profusely. They have a refined pyramidal form, and resemble a giant ball of cotton when in full bloom. We have these showstoppers in stock if you want to add an early spring bloomer to your collection.

Another option for an early spring bloomer is an Ornamental Cherry. The Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry is new to us this year, but it's already stolen our hearts. It won't grow very large, only 8-15' tall and 6-12' wide. It's very disease and insect resistant. If your looking for the perfect statement piece, you've found the right tree.

Since the temperature will probably drop below freezing tonight (March 30th), Rachel will give you some advice on houseplants so you can stay cozy inside your home. "If you have houseplants, now is the best time to move them to a larger pot (if they need it). You can check by gently pulling the plant out of the pot. If it is root-bound or almost root-bound, put the plant in a clean pot that is only 1-3" larger than the old pot. If you want to leave a root-bound plant in the same pot, you need to trim back the top foliage and also trim back the roots. This will control the size of the plant while letting it grow healthily. Once the plants are re-potted, water them and your other houseplants with a water soluble fertilizer. The days are getting longer. More sunlight equals more plant growth, and the more that plants are growing the more food they require. My favorite is Jacks All-Purpose 20-20-20, or Jack's Houseplant Special."

Water soluble fertilizer isn't the only option for houseplants. If you prefer a natural, Anita recommends Worm Castings. All you need to do is apply the casting directly to the top of the soil and then water the plant. It's a slow-releasing fertilizer, and we use it on our houseplants at the Garden Shop in the Spring.

Although it's fun for us to clean up last year's plant and to receive new ones from the grower's, it's the most fun to watch plants we planted ourselves. We're including some pictures below to share the joy with you. All of these are available now in Guymon!

'Fruit Punch' Oriental Poppy

Dolce 'Appletini' Heuchera


'Snow Princess' Alyssum and Dianthus

One more quick Announcement! This April is our 8th Anniversary. We've been in our Guymon location for eight years already! As always, we are having our Anniversary Celebration the first weekend of April. That's April 6th this year. Hue grills hot dogs and fresh, farm grown asparagus, and we have drawings and grab-bags and excellent sales. Keep on eye on our Facebook or Instagram Page for details, or tune into the KKBS 92.7 radio station.


Please feel free to leave comments, questions, and/or suggestions. This is a very young blog and we would like to incorporate what you want to read. Our customers always come first!

Happy Gardening!

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